Good Time, Not a Long Time: Dedicated to Nasim Ghanadan

Maryam Sharifzadeh is the founder of Office Yoga, creator of the Office Yoga teacher training program & the Legacy LuLulemon Ambassador to name a few of her working titles. Maryam possesses a unique passion and drive that has not only allowed her to experience success in the yoga studio but in the business world as well. In this episode, Maryam discusses managing the dark side of the business world while maintaining the purity of the yoga practice. Maryam, Gina and Joe play a new Happy Apple game called “Nama-STAY or Namas-GO.” The gang gives their HAppy Apples. And Gina and Maryam pay tribute to a loved member of the HApoy Apple/Office Yoga family, Nasim Ghanadan.

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