“Hey! It’s No Name”: Mike Nelson Interview

No Name has been in the radio game for 20 plus years. You know the voice. But did you know his real name? Joe and Gina sit down with Mike Nelson at the KFOG studios in San Francisco and talk about the early days of radio from eating chicken bones with the Ramones, being a rad drummer in San Jose band The Flames, riding his Harley through the East Bay streets, and having an action figure made of him after his voice was heard in Cars (2006). Enjoy the stories of music, passion and never giving up on the hustle. A true Happy Apple for sure🍎

The Road Hustle: Denver, Co / Burning Man DJ’s the 90’s

After spending more than 10 years moving dance floors with his signature genre bending DJ sets, Eric’s eclectic influences shine through in his productions where he brings fresh perspective and a playful attitude to hypnotic beats. A DJ first and foremost, he’s not afraid to lead crowds through unexpected turns in his sets that excite devoted students of dance music but don’t alienate the casual club goer.

Platinum Candy Cane Gang

LoveRance (governement name: Rance Oliver) is a platinum selling recording arist who’s song “UP!” put in him in the middle of the hip hop world. Rance is a Bay Area native with deep roots in Pinole (shout out Candycane Gang!). Rance opens up about growing up attending multiple schools, discovering his gift and how he is sharing it with the world. The group plays Aldous Snow or New Kanye and Rance goes bobbing for “happy apples”.

In the French Quarter Peeling Crawfish

Joe meets with rapper Josh Gray (@joshgrayway). They discuss his upbringing in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina as well as his journey through LA that ultimately brought him to the Bay. They discuss the love he keeps for New Orleans while reminiscing about childhood passions like playing the flute and painting in the French Quarter. They touch on the current state of hip hop and discuss Josh’s upcoming project “Diluted.”


In this episode of the the Happy Apple Hustle series, Gina and Joe are fortunate enough to have on Jackie Hollywood (@jackiehollywood). Jackie has spent the past several years cohosting the very popular Fernando and Gregg Morning show for 99.7 NOW! She is embarking on a new chapter in her life and moving to Arizona where she will be starting a new hosting job on a nationally syndicated radio show called the Tino Cochino Radio show(@tinocochinoradio. Gina and Joe were able to get one of the very last interviews that Jackie did before leaving the Bay and bring her unique, Unicorn like talents to the dessert! WE WILL MISS YOU JACKIE!!!!