!Live Podcast! Bad Rap Animal Fundraiser

The Happy Apple Podcast take on their second fundraiser at Mad Oak Bar in Oakland to raise money for Bad Rap Dog Rescue of the East Bay. Enjoy the Happy Tales segment, where Gina and Joe interview a series of people who have chosen to adopt to give themselves and their pups the chance at a better life. The gang also chats with Tito’s Vodka Representative Devin Grigg and co-founder of the Bap Animal Rescue Donna Reynolds. A huge shout out to Tito’s Vodka who donated $2500 to Bad Rap, Neptune and Co. and Mad Oak who matched tips raised by the event. Together we raised $2800! Thank you to everyone that came out and drank for a good paws!

Memorial Day Special!

(Location: Soda Popinksi’s) While at the Neptune & Co. sponsored fundraiser for San Francisco Animal Family Rescue, Gina and Joe stepped behind the bar for some good ol fashion cocktail makin. While making those tips to go towards puppies, Gina was able to get some amazing content of the individuals who support amazing animal rescue organizations such as San Francisco Family Rescue as well as give us a play by play of how a first Bumble date is going #newsocialexperiment