Captain Boochman

This week The Happy Apple Podcast did something new…a recording in the Certified Kitchen on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley!  For their first In the Kitchen podcast, Gina and Joe interview the exciting and fun team behind Boochman Kombucha: Mustafa, Numan and Denisse.

Boochman Kombucha is handcrafted in Berkeley and brewed in small batches with all organic ingredients.  Currently you can sip and buy their delicious product at Old Oakland Farmers’ Market from 8am to 2pm on Fridays and 9am to 1pm on Sundays at Temescal Farmers’ Market in Oakland.  Coming soon in early 2019, the Boochman Kombucha team will be opening the Bay Area’s first Kombucha tap room.

Enjoy learning all things Kombucha as Gina and Joe play What Would Captain Booch Do and give away their weekly Happy Apple Awards while sipping on fresh from the keg Pumpkin Spice and Lavender Kombucha.  After this episode, the Happy Apple Podcast is all about the BOOCH and they hope you will be too!



Photographic Podcasting

On the Happy Apple’s return to the airwaves: Gina and Joe sit down with professional photographers Lisa Vortman and Nader Khouri. As individuals, they are both well accomplished. Lisa is an eclectic soul and photographer whose diverse expertise complements well with brands that are looking for fresh and original concepts to nurture their target audience. Nader is a food and lifestyle photographer based in San Francisco who focuses on bringing life to wellness and hospitality brands. He is a former photojournalist and has a keen ability to anticipate moments and combine them with special attention to composition and light. On this episode, the four these Happy Apples sit down to discuss the intimacies photography (food and people), give you all BREAKING NEWS and of course, give out our Happy Apples!

!Live Podcast! Bad Rap Animal Fundraiser

The Happy Apple Podcast take on their second fundraiser at Mad Oak Bar in Oakland to raise money for Bad Rap Dog Rescue of the East Bay. Enjoy the Happy Tales segment, where Gina and Joe interview a series of people who have chosen to adopt to give themselves and their pups the chance at a better life. The gang also chats with Tito’s Vodka Representative Devin Grigg and co-founder of the Bap Animal Rescue Donna Reynolds. A huge shout out to Tito’s Vodka who donated $2500 to Bad Rap, Neptune and Co. and Mad Oak who matched tips raised by the event. Together we raised $2800! Thank you to everyone that came out and drank for a good paws!

“Hey! It’s No Name”: Mike Nelson Interview

No Name has been in the radio game for 20 plus years. You know the voice. But did you know his real name? Joe and Gina sit down with Mike Nelson at the KFOG studios in San Francisco and talk about the early days of radio from eating chicken bones with the Ramones, being a rad drummer in San Jose band The Flames, riding his Harley through the East Bay streets, and having an action figure made of him after his voice was heard in Cars (2006). Enjoy the stories of music, passion and never giving up on the hustle. A true Happy Apple for sure🍎

Good Time, Not a Long Time: Dedicated to Nasim Ghanadan

Maryam Sharifzadeh is the founder of Office Yoga, creator of the Office Yoga teacher training program & the Legacy LuLulemon Ambassador to name a few of her working titles. Maryam possesses a unique passion and drive that has not only allowed her to experience success in the yoga studio but in the business world as well. In this episode, Maryam discusses managing the dark side of the business world while maintaining the purity of the yoga practice. Maryam, Gina and Joe play a new Happy Apple game called “Nama-STAY or Namas-GO.” The gang gives their HAppy Apples. And Gina and Maryam pay tribute to a loved member of the HApoy Apple/Office Yoga family, Nasim Ghanadan.

The Road Hustle: Santa Cruz, CA / Surfing Theology and Beautiful Hair

Elias Campbell is the owner of Waves and Fades Barbershop in Santa Cruz, California. Joe and Elias have known each other since Elias was 8 (now 23). Mark Campbell (father of Elias) is an award-winning Landscape designer and garden designer for 30 years, featured on HGTV numerous times. Surfing every day together as father and son is just one way in which the individually amazing father-son duo has influenced the Santa Cruz community. Both having the ability to use fear as a motivator – the two have combined their love for hair and surf all in one stunning location. The mission for Waves and Fades Barbershop/surf-shop is to bring the community of Santa Cruz together through Surf and Style.

Happy Apple Courtside: Kerith Burke

It wasn’t long ago that Kerith Burke was spending her days at Whole Foods Market bagging groceries. The Golden State Warrior’s sideline reporter had a championship season but it wasn’t all champagne and parade for Kerith in her broadcasting career. In the interview, she shares behind the scenes stories of some of the biggest moments of the NBA season including JR Smith. Joe and Gina read fan-submitted questions (51:00) and everyone gives a Happy Apple!

The Road Hustle: Denver, Co / Burning Man DJ’s the 90’s

After spending more than 10 years moving dance floors with his signature genre bending DJ sets, Eric’s eclectic influences shine through in his productions where he brings fresh perspective and a playful attitude to hypnotic beats. A DJ first and foremost, he’s not afraid to lead crowds through unexpected turns in his sets that excite devoted students of dance music but don’t alienate the casual club goer.

Apple-Tastic Mascot / Sweet Baby Blue

This week on the Happy Apple Podcast: Gina and Joe sit down Tim Cole, the VP of events for Mascot Sports. Mascot Sports is a company that owns various running and fitness events in the Oakland. It is clear that Tim is a fitness enthusiast driven to build an active, celebratory community in Oakland. On the episode, Tim and Joe reminisce about their middle school and high school days spent in Castro Valley. Tim discusses the value of community as he discusses the growth and mindset of Mascot Sports. The gang plays a new favorite game “Sweet Baby Blue’s Thoughts.” And we all give out our Happy Apple Awards for the week!

Vision Phrases and Cosmology

This week on the #POD Gina and Joe sit down with Happy Apples; author Phil Krughez and music producer Chris Spokane. The 4 of them discuss the various layers of writing as well as the hidden concepts in poetry #visionphrases They discuss the upcoming music project that Phil and Chris have COMING SOON! #COSMOLOGY Chris flips the script on Gina and Joe and interviews them about what Phil Krughez’s words mean to them. And of course, we all give out our Happy Apple Awards for the week!